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Form Builder app: setting up forms and survey polls in your shop

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Create amazing online forms and surveys. Our Form builder app makes creating your own forms easy.

Just add your fields, then copy the form link to your website. It couldn't be easier.

There are 3 Form Styles:

1. Inline - This form shows on page by replacing the form link you have inserted.
2. Modal – This form doesn't show until the form link is clicked.
3. Floating – This form appears on bottom right of the page. This form can be closed. Clicking on the form link opens it again on lower right corner.

Now you can create surveys, questionnaires, and contact forms with ease. 

Enabling "Form Builder" app in your ShopFactory account

1. Purchase the app

- Open your shop in ShopFactory 

- At the left-tree menu, click on ShopFactory Central page

- At the right-most column, click on "App Store" button to connect to the SF Cloud backend interface

- Select "Form Builder"

- Click on the "Add App" button

- This app will be activated in your ShopFactory account - check MY APPS page to view the active apps in your account.

(Note: If your current ShopFactory plan uses "Pay on Invoice" payment option, you will need to update your payment details under MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION and enter your credit card details -> Save -> activate the Form Builder app again.)

2. Setup your contact forms and survey forms via the Form Builder

- In ShopFactory interface, click ShopFactory Central from the left-tree menu

- Click on "ShopFactory Cloud" to connect to the cloud interface

- Once you are redirected to the SF Cloud interface, click on MY STORE menu -> select "Form Builder"

- Click ADD FORM

- Select the form style you want to use

- Enter the name of your form i.e. Subscribe Newsletter - Floating

- Select the Form Type: Contact form or Survey/Poll

- Click Next

- Drag the fields you want to use in your Form

Add form fields by dragging them from the left column into the form area. Use predefined fields where possible, as this helps with analysing the responses. To sort form fields move them up and down in the form area.
To edit or delete a field mouse over it and use the appropriate button. Click on Next to define the behaviour of the form.

You can also edit the STYLING by selecting the tab on the left column

- Click Next to go to the Form Action interface

-  Here you can define what happens, when a user has completed your form and how it is processed.

- Click on Save to complete your form setup when you are ready.

- You will see the header and form link on the last page. Copy the header and form link.

In ShopFactory, add the Common page header code in the Google Analytics dialog box and add the form link to any page in your shop using "Custom Contents" feature (add as custom html). Refer to item #3 below for detailed steps.

- Click Finish to save the form.

3. Adding form links in your shop

- Go back to the ShopFactory editor -> select ShopFactory Central page -> click on "Activate Apps" button


- To add the "Common Page Header" script (STEP 1.), click on Site Analytics / SEO button on the SF Central page

- Click Website Analytics and paste the script in the Google Analytics dialog box, as shown in below screenshot:

Note: If you have an existing Google Analytics script in this dialog box, ensure you are adding the Form "common page header" script after the existing Google Analytics code. Please make sure you add the common page header script below the existing code in that box.

- At the left tree menu, click Contact Us page for example

- Click EDIT PAGE to open the EditView mode

- Click Custom Contents tab

- Click the + button and then click the Edit (pencil icon) to go into the Custom HTML dialog box, as shown in below screenshot:

- Click Finish

Note: If you are adding multiple form links in a shop, you only have to enter the "Common Page header" script once in the Google Analytics dialog box.

- Save and preview your shop in external browser

- Go back to Normal mode, Publish -> Publish your website on the Net -> Publish

- Open your browser and check the page where you have inserted the form link 

4. Manage and View form responses

To manage and view the Form responses sent by site visitors and customers, go to SF Cloud backend -> My Store -> Form Builder.

- Click on "Responses" to view your list of Sent forms.

(You should also receive an email whenever the form is filled out and sent.)


And you will see the responses: