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EN-Getting UPS access key EN

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IMPORTANT NOTE: “WEIGHT” must be defined in all your products in the shop.

UPS realtime shipping setup – merchants will simply have to do the following – UPS no longer require ShopFactory’s Developer Access Key.

A) Login to with your UPS account (username and password)

B) Click on UPS Developer Kit at the left menu

C) At the “How to get started” section, go to Step 5: and click on “Request an access key”.

D) Click on “REQUEST ACCESS KEY” button and you will get to the page where it shows the Access Key. Take note of your Access Key. Highlight it and copy the entire key.

E) Open Shop in ShopFactory -> Properties -> Shipping Charges -> UPS -> Enter your UPS username, password, and Access key and ensure the weight unit is correct – lbs for USA or Kg for Australia. Complete the setup process and preview your shop.

 Alternatively, you can choose "Combine Shippig providers" option so you can enable one or more realtime shipping providers such as UPS and USPS.