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How to define Order of Payment methods Display at Checkout? - Knowledgebase / Payment Settings - ShopFactory Help Center

How to define Order of Payment methods Display at Checkout?

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Your ShopFactory Cloud account allows you to setup multiple payment methods that includes a combination of Manual + Realtime Provider payment options . 

(For ShopFactory lifetime license only: If you are using a free SF account, then you can only enable one realtime payment and several manual payment options.

 Refer to the steps provided below to setup payments in your shop and sort the display of payment options at checkout:

1. Open your shop in ShopFactory

2. Click on Central dropdown -> Payment Methods Accepted

3. Choose your Country in the drop down box as well as your currency  (this must be the same as the primary currency in your shop) .

4. Enable the realtime payment provider(s) you want from the Select Payment Services dialog i.e. PayPal, Stripe for ShopFactory

5. Click Next

6. Enter payment settings for all the methods you want to accept and click the Next button

7. The next window will show all the payment options you want to accept and the currencies for each payment type. 

Sort the payment methods display by clicking the up/down button.

8. Click Finish to accept these settings 

9. Save and publish your shop.

These payment methods will now appear at the checkout page of your shopping cart.