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Remove the Title and Description "background color" in Link Image Group 1 - Knowledgebase / Design and Customizations - ShopFactory Help Center

Remove the Title and Description "background color" in Link Image Group 1

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The Title and Description in Link Image Group 1 have a dark/light background image behind it – the shop design either uses the "sf-lighten.png" or "sf-darken.png" image in the media folder - depending on the SFX template you are using.

This was added on purpose to ensure the Banner title and description are visible at all times.

To remove the Title and Description background color in Link Image Group 1, please follow the steps below:

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

- Click Designer menu -> Customize Design -> left click on the banner section to see the shortcut menu -> select "DesignImage4 -> Edit Image..."

- Then just click OK at the image dialog to remove the sf-lighten.png or sf-darken.png (If you want to put the background image back, go back to Designer -> DesignImage4 -> Add Image... -> click on "Restore original" -> click OK.)

Alternatively, you can rename the "sf-lighten.png" or "sf-darken.png" image via Windows Explorer and navigate to your project folder

<shop folder>\Runtime\contents\media

- Rename the images to "sf-lighten01.png" or "sf-darken01.png" and the background image will disappear from showing on the Banner Image title/description section.