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Setting up "Klarna Checkout" as supported payment in shop - Knowledgebase / Payment Settings - ShopFactory Help Center

Setting up "Klarna Checkout" as supported payment in shop

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Attract, convert, and retain customers with flexible payment options and performance-driven marketing with Klarna Checkout. 

You can now offer Klarna's buy-now-pay-later products to give your customers the ultimate flexibility and keep them coming back for more.  Klarna Checkout payment option is available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, and Great Britain. 

Klarna Checkout API V3 

The checkout API is used to create a checkout with Klarna and update the checkout order during the purchase.

You will need your Klarna API Credentials before setting this up in your shop. If you have any questions about your Klarna merchant account, you can contact their Support on this page,

Your Klarna credentials consist of two elements:

Username - Consists of your Merchant ID (eid) - a unique number that identifies your e-store, combined with a random string.

Password - a string which is associated with your Merchant ID and is used to authorize use of Klarna's APIs

Note: The API credentials are separate from your Merchant ID, and it is possible to have several API credentials associated with the same Merchant ID.

The credentials should be sent as an authorization header for every request with the username and password.

You receive both your live and test credentials by contacting Klarna sales for your country.

Setup Klarna Checkout in ShopFactory

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

- Click Central dropdown -> Payment Methods Accepted

- At the payment providers list, tick "Klarna Checkout Europe" to enable 

- Scroll down and click NEXT

- At the Klarna Checkout setup section, you need to enter your Klarna API credentials: API key and API Password

Tick "Test (Sandbox)" checkbox if your account is still in Testing mode

- Select the Currencies you want to accept such as EUR, SEK, GBP, etc.

- Tick "Klarna Checkout" payment method

- Scroll down and click Next

- Click Finish to submit the changes 

- Save and preview in external browser

- Place a test order to simulate buying and ensure you can proceed to the checkout page without any issues.

- Publish your shop

Once you receive an order using Klarna payment option,  you will get an Order Notification email.

You need to confirm and capture the order in order to finalize the payment. The order can be found at Klarna’s Merchant Portal. 

In order to finalize the payment, and initiate the payout to you, you need to capture the order after you have shipped it to the customer - you can perform this action manually each time in our Merchant Portal.