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EN-Setting up Paybox (France) payment in my shop - Knowledgebase / Payment Settings - ShopFactory Help Center

EN-Setting up Paybox (France) payment in my shop

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- Open your shop in ShopFactory

-  Click on Central dropdown -> Payment Methods Accepted

- The payment providers list shows up, enable the payment you want by ticking it in this case, tick "Paybox Services" option



- Click Next

- Enter your Paybox Services merchant account details (Username, password, identifiant, currencies supported, etc.)

- Make sure you select the currency that matches your shop currency, once set it cannot be changed in your Total Care account 

- Tick the card types under Paybox Services’ supported Payment Methods that you want to enable in your shop.


Note: TEST transactions

If you wish to make a number of tests using Paybox Services before your account goes live you just need to add TEST infront of your username. When your account is "live" you need to remove the word TEST from the username. (TEST in front of user name will redirect to the test server)

Username = N° SITE (numéro à 7 chiffres) ;
Password = N° RANG (numéro à 2 ou 3 chiffres) ;

Identifiant = Identifiant PAYBOX fourni par PAYBOX SERVICES au moment de votre inscription.

Toutes ces informations vous ont été transmises par PAYBOX SERVICES dans votre e-mail de confirmation d’ouverture de compte :


Rappel pour paramétrage:







Identifiant PAYBOX


En cas de doute, n’hésitez pas à contacter le SUPPORT TECHNIQUE PAYBOX SERVICES :

TEL 04 68 85 79 90 - FAX 04 68 85 79 99 - Email :

- Click Next

(Note: You can sort the payment methods display by pressing the up/down arrow)

- Click Finish

- Save and preview your shop. Place a test order.

- Republish your shop so that the changes are uploaded online.

Your shop can now accept online orders.

IMPORTANT: Setup the CALLBACK URL in your Paybox Admin Account

Callback URL: