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Setting up PayPal Express payment in my shop - Knowledgebase / Payment Settings - ShopFactory Help Center

Setting up PayPal Express payment in my shop

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PayPal Express payment bypasses the ShopFactory secure checkout form and directly connects the buyer to the secure PayPal payment page. When you enable this option in your shop, the "PayPal Express" button appears on the Basket page so customers can click on the PayPal Express button after selecting the shipping region.

Merchants must at least have a Business account with PayPal. 

A. How do I obtain a PayPal API Signature? 

Have your PayPal Express merchant details ready:

1. Firstly, you must have a valid Verified Paypal Business Account, if not go to and signup for a Business account

2. Login to your PayPal account at

3. Select the tab Profile -> My Selling Tools -> At the “Selling Online” section -> locate the API Access item -> click UPDATE 

4. From the window above click on API Access

5. If you have not done so already click on Option 2: Request API Creditentials

6. On the next window choose the API Signature option and Submit

7. The next screen shows your details which you need to copy/paste in ShopFactory as outlined below this article

B. Setting up PayPal Express in ShopFactory

1 - If you are using ShopFactory Version: 12/11/10/ Total Care rental plan, refer to the steps below: 

1. Open shop in  ShopFactory 

2.  Click on ShopFactory Cloud

3. Select “Change ShopFactory Cloud account for this shop” 

4.  Enter your ShopFactory Cloud username and  password and then click OK 

5. Click on  Central dropdown button (Properties) => select "Payment methods accepted"

6. From the list of payment Providers, select Paypal Express 


7. Scroll down and then click Next

8. On the next page, enter your PayPal Express details. 


a) Enter your API Signature details from your Paypal Account.

b) Click on "Set Currencies" to choose currencies accepted in your Shop

c) Tick "Paypal Express" payment method check box

9. Click the Next button

10. Click Finish 

11. Save and preview shop in external browser 

12. Publish your shop to upload the changes online