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Setting up QuickPay as a payment option in my shop - Knowledgebase / Payment Settings - ShopFactory Help Center

Setting up QuickPay as a payment option in my shop

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- Open your shop in ShopFactory

-  Click on Central dropdown -> Payment Methods Accepted

- The payment providers list shows up, enable the payment you want by ticking it in this case, tick " QuickPay " option

- Click Next

- Enter your QuickPay merchant account details (merchant, md5 secret/APIkey, currencies supported, etc.)

Note: You MUST enter your ID for “Agreement ID (V10)” to use the QuickPay V10 module. If you  leave “Agreement ID (v10)” field empty then it will automatically use the old gateway.


- Make sure you select the currency that matches ShopFactory, once set it cannot be changed in your Total Care account   

- Tick the card types under QuickPay’s supported Payment Methods that you want to enable in your shop.



- Click Next

(Note: You can sort the payment methods display by pressing the up/down arrow)

- Click Finish

- Save and preview your shop. Place a test order.

- Republish your shop so that the changes are uploaded online.

Your shop can now accept online orders.