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Setup GestPay (Banca Sella BASIC) as payment method - Knowledgebase / Payment Settings - ShopFactory Help Center

Setup GestPay (Banca Sella BASIC) as payment method

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You will need:

  • Banca Sella Basic merchant account – contact the payment provider to apply for an account
  • ShopFactory software

To use Gestpay you will need to configure not only ShopFactory to use Banca Sella (Set username, payment methods, and currency) but will also have to change some settings within the Banca Sella System.

Configuring your BANCA SELLA BASIC merchant account

Using your admin username and password you will need to log into

From the CONFIGURATION menu you will have to change settings for the IP address and Response settings.




The IP Addresses should be the following…

Then you will need to set-up the response settings to return information to the shop you have created.



The emails you can set-up as you wish, to inform people in your organization.

The positive and negative responses need to be setup to be the exact files of your shop.


URL server to server:

Shop name is your Shop URL (your actual domain name)


In the example below, the shop language is English – US (en-us)

If your shop language is Italian then your language in the URL is set as “it

So for the Positive response the URL is

(URL format should be<language>/V6Yes.html)

For the negative response the URL is

(URL format should be<language>/V6No.html)