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Setup Moneris (Canada) e-Select Plus payment in my shop - Knowledgebase / Payment Settings - ShopFactory Help Center

Setup Moneris (Canada) e-Select Plus payment in my shop

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STEP 1. Prepare your merchant Store ID and API Token

Note: You must have a Moneris Gateway Merchant Account.

- Login to your Moneris account - Merchant Resource Center to obtain an API Token.

- Go to My Account and click on the ADMIN dropdown -> then click on "Store Settings" and click on the button to generate an API Token.

STEP 2. Setup Moneris eSelect Plus in ShopFactory

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

- Click on Central dropdown -> select "Payment methods accepted"

- From the list of payment providers, tick "eSelect Plus" checkbox

- Click Next button

- At the eSelect Plus setup dialog, enter your Store ID and API token and select your shop currency - then enable the credit card types supported in your merchant account

*** It is important to confirm whether you are using the sandbox testing environment, or production. Please verify with Moneris if your merchant account can be used in the live environment.
To point to the Sandbox testing server, simply add TEST in front of your Store ID, for example, TESTstore1

For more information on testing a solution, please go to

If you are ready to go live, simply remove TEST from your Store ID entry. This will point the transaction to production.

- Click Next button

- Click Finish.

- Save and publish your shop again so that the changes are uploaded online.

You can now accept credit card payments via Moneris (Canada) e-Select Plus payment gateway.

- Place a test order in your shop

- At the basket page, a buyer can choose their payment option (processed by eSelect Plus):