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Setup “Pay with Amazon” as payment provider in my shop - Knowledgebase / Payment Settings - ShopFactory Help Center

Setup “Pay with Amazon” as payment provider in my shop

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Amazon Payments supported merchant countries: US, UK, and Germany.

A) Setup merchant account details for Pay with Amazon

- Go to

- Click Sign in button -> select I’m a merchant – "Continue to Login"

- Select "Login and Pay with Amazon"                      


- At the top right menu, select Amazon Payment Advanced (Sandbox View) from the dropdown list

- OPTIONAL: Select INTEGRATION menu -> Test account -> create test user -> you can use your real email to create shipping address and payment method.

- Click on INTEGRATION menu -> MWS Access Key

- Copy your Amazon merchant details: Seller ID, MWS Secret Key, MWS Access Key, and your Client ID – these details will be used when you setup Pay with Amazon in your shop

IMPORTANT: Enter the 'Allowed Javascript Origins' and 'Allowed Return URLs' information under 'Web Settings' in your Amazon Seller Central App Console for Login with Amazon.

- At the top right menu, select 'Login with Amazon' from dropdown list

- You will see "Web Settings" on the bottom part of the setup window

- Click the EDIT button

- Click inside the "Allowed Return URLs" box and enter our URL:

- Click the Save button.

B) Set up “Pay with Amazon” as payment option in ShopFactory

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

- Click Central dropdown -> Payment Methods Accepted

- Tick “Pay with Amazon” from the list of providers


- Click Next.

- Enter your Amazon merchant details:

Merchant ID – this is your Seller ID

Secret Key – this is your MWS Secret Key

Access Key – this is your MWS Access Key

Client ID – this is your Login With Amazon Client ID

**Tick “Test (Sandbox)” checkbox if your merchant account is in Testing mode – payment transactions are redirected to the Sandbox testing environment. If your merchant account with Amazon is live, then leave this checkbox unticked.


- Select the currencies you can accept i.e. USD, GBP, and Euro

- Tick “Pay with Amazon” from the list of payment method

- Click Next.

- Click Finish.