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EN-Setup PayPal Plus as a payment option in my shop - Knowledgebase / Payment Settings - ShopFactory Help Center

EN-Setup PayPal Plus as a payment option in my shop

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PayPal Plus for Germany is now supported in ShopFactory.

1. Setup PayPal Plus merchant account

To get a PayPal Plus merchant account, you need to sign in to PayPal developer account.

- Log in at

- Go to DASHBOARD -> My Apps

- Click on the "Create App" button if you don’t have one yet to be able to get the credential pair: Client ID and Secret

Once the app has been created, click on the specific App name to view your Client ID and Secret details –



Basically, your account must be tested on Sandbox first. Once it’s all ok – you can switch to live (just change to live credential pair in My Apps page).

***You may need to copy the Client ID and Secret details for the live environment and paste the details into your shop's payment setup dialog for PayPal Plus.

2. Enable 'PayPal Plus' in your shop

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

- Click on Central dropdown -> Payment methods accepted

- Tick "PayPal Plus"

- Click Next

- Enter your PayPal Plus merchant account details as requested:

  • Client ID
  • Secret
  • Tick Sandbox if account is still in Test mode
  • Set currency you accept
  • Tick 'PayPal Plus' under payment method


- Click Next

- Click Finish

- Save and publish your shop