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Using 'Stripe for ShopFactory' platform to accept payments in your online shop - Knowledgebase / Payment Settings - ShopFactory Help Center

Using 'Stripe for ShopFactory' platform to accept payments in your online shop

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Note: Stripe for ShopFactory platform is limited to ShopFactory V14 onwards.

Stripe is an easy way to accept payments online. You can signup for a Stripe merchant account without setup fees nor monthly fees. 

Stripe is available to businesses in more than 40 countries. With Stripe, you can accept all major debit and credit cards from customers as well as Digital Wallet payments such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, Microsoft Pay, WeChat Pay, etc. plus other local payment methods including Klarna, Giropay, iDeal, SEPA Direct Debit and many more.

Stripe for ShopFactory platform allows you to accept payments directly on your online shop. With Stripe, customers stay on your online shop during checkout instead of being redirected to an externally hosted checkout page, which has been proven to lead to higher conversion rates.

ShopFactory Stripe Sandbox Test Shop:

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

- Click on Central dropdown button -> Payment methods accepted

- Click on the blue button "Signup / Activate Stripe for ShopFactory

If you don't have a Stripe merchant account yet, you will be able to signup more quickly from our platform - or if you already have an existing Stripe account, you simply connect your account to ShopFactory platform by logging in to your merchant account. 

- Once you have logged in to your Stripe account and connected to the ShopFactory platform, your Stripe Account ID and the supported payment methods are enabled in the setup dialog.

Part 2: Complete your Stripe merchant account activation process 
A separate email may be sent to you by Stripe requesting for more information from you as a seller.

Part 3: Setup "Stripe for ShopFactory" payments in your Shop

After completing Part 1, you can enable Stripe payments in your shop.
- From the list of Payment Providers, tick "Stripe for ShopFactory

- Scroll down and click Next

- Your Stripe Account ID and supported payment methods will  be enabled by default
(Tick "Sandbox" if you want to run a few test orders in the Testing environment)
Testing payment details can be found in 

- Click Next

- Click Finish

- Save and preview your shop. Place a test order.

- Republish your shop so that the changes are uploaded online.

You can manage your payments via 

Part. 4 "Authorize only" option

- Click Central dropdown -> Payment methods accepted

- Click NEXT

- Tick “Authorization of payment only” under Stripe for ShopFactory

- Save and publish the shop so that the changes are uploaded online

- Now, when a buyer completes the order – the merchant will have to login to their Stripe merchant account dashboard and go into the PAYMENTS section – select the UNCAPTURED column and select a transaction – for example: 

- Click on the “Uncaptured” button for a transaction

- Then on the top right, select CAPTURE