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Add Store to Facebook

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Important note: The Facebook store app requires https. Facebook app will only work for websites that are in https. It is Facebook requiring your site to be in https:// - it's not ShopFactory who can make this work; you need to either use our ShopFactory hosting or get your own ssl certificate (discuss with your hosting provider).

NOTE: Facebook store app will only work using an SFX  template.

- Login to your Facebook account and create a new page (or register if you don't have a Facebook account yet)

- You need to create your own Facebook page first i.e. ABC123 Store

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

- Click on the "Central" menu or click "ShopFactory Central" at the left tree menu

- At the right side of the Central page, click on the "Add store to Facebook" button

- It will open up your default browser and ask you to login to your Facebook account if you haven't logged in yet

- Once you've logged in, you need to enter the following details:

   - Select the FB page

   - Enter the actual shop URL in https:// (Facebook requires your site to be in https)

   - Enter a name for your shop

   - Click on "Do it now" button

- You will need to check your Facebook page to see if the store is now showing up correctly. Open your Facebook page and you will see the "Facebook store app" tab. A customer can navigate to your product pages and purchase via Facebook.

See sample screenshot below: