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Adding custom HTML code to a Page or to the entire website - Knowledgebase / Design and Customizations - ShopFactory Help Center

Adding custom HTML code to a Page or to the entire website

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ShopFactory has a revised set of options to add or Edit custom HTML on your site globally. With the revised Edit HTML feature, you can add your own HTML code and specify where you want the HTML feature app to be placed on your site in specific areas.

The Edit HTML function eliminates the need to add or edit HTML on every page of your site when you need to add design elements, applications such as newsletter links, Google or third party tracking code, security seal, or links to other websites. Some other uses of this feature allow you to add linked graphics and image headers to your index department links. Advanced ShopFactory users will even be able to add custom applications to their site.

You are not limited to adding just one set of HTML code, you can add multiple layers based on your own specific needs to the same location on your site.
V14 users:

In ShopFactory Central page, click "My Store" ->Custom Website Contents

(Or click "Central" dropdown ->Custom Website contents)

Alternatively, you can access this feature by doing the following:

Adding HTML Website-wide:

1. Open your shop in ShopFactory

2. If you want to apply the custom HTML in the entire site, click Central dropdown ->Custom Website Contents option

Adding HTML to a Page:

If you want the custom HTML code to apply only in a specific page, then follow the steps below:

- On the left hand side tree menu, select the page that you would like to add the code to.

- At the Page toolbar, click on Edit Page button (or double-click on the page from the left-tree menu)

- The Page Properties Wizard shows up. At the left menu, select "Add Custom Contents" option

- Click on the small icon that contains a plus symbol in the bottom of the page. This will open the HTML Code Property popup dialog.

- Enter an identification name, i.e. 'my code'. In the ‘Enter code’ field, paste your HTML code. At the bottom of the dialog, you can choose where you would like to have this code added to the page, i.e. top or bottom by clicking the appropriate radio button.

- Click OK to close the HTML Property dialog -> at the Page properties box, click OK to return to the ShopFactory editor.

- Your code has now been added and you can do a preview to view the result.

Note: If your custom html code is causing some conflicts in the shop, try disabling/unticking it from the "Custom contents" dialog and then preview your shop to see if that fixes the issue. Then you will have to review the custom html code you are adding as it may contain badly written html or invalid code.

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