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Apply “Product code” to an entire page/department or some products using “Product Templates” feature - Knowledgebase / Pages and Products - ShopFactory Help Center

Apply “Product code” to an entire page/department or some products using “Product Templates” feature

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Product Templates

Product Templates allow you to copy values from a template to many products at the same time to save you much work and effort. Just change one template and copy the values instead of making the same changes multiple times.

You can adjust all your products at once - all the products listed on a page or just the products you have selected. The most commonly copied values are prices, options and discounts - but of course you can copy any supported value.

You can almost any value associated with a product: simply by assigning the values to a template and then copying them to any product you want.

1: Create a product template 

Look for Product Templates at the left-tree window.

Now copy any product you want to use as template into this folder or add a new product in this category.

The product becomes a template and you can copy its values to any product you want.

You can edit the valued of the template just like any other product. Changes you make to a template do not affect any other product - until you copy them across.

- Click Edit Product from the toolbar 

- Click Properties -> “Product Properties 2” and add a Product Code as shown in the below screenshot:

- Click OK 

- Click Finish

2: Apply the "Product Code" to selected products

- Go to the department or page where you want to apply the same “Product Code” (or you can also go to List of Contents)

- Click the LIST tab to view all the products or go to ITEMS LIST

- Right-click and select View settings

- Tick Product Code checkbox. Click OK. 

- Now, select all the appropriate products that you want to apply the same “Product Code” 

- Ensure the correct product is selected from Product Templates

- Tick “Product Code” checkbox

- Click OK

- All the selected products will now have the same “Product Code”

- Go back to the shop-wide discount and limit discount by “Product Code”