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Cleanup Unused Files On the Server: Deleted product/page still shows up online when searched in Google - Knowledgebase / Pages and Products - ShopFactory Help Center

Cleanup Unused Files On the Server: Deleted product/page still shows up online when searched in Google

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Deleted Products and pages are still displayed when doing Google Search - Cleanup unused files on the server 

This is due to the fact that these files (pages and products) are still available on the (Host) server. Doing the File/Cleanup function and ticking "Cleanup unused files on the server" in the Publish dialog will resolve this issue.

  1.  Open shop in ShopFactory
  2.  Click File -> Save As -> enter shopname_<CurrentDate> and then save the project so you have an updated backup of your shop
  3.  Click on File menu -> select Cleanup
  4.  Save and do an external preview of the shop - check that the images and products are all there. Place a test order until you reach the secure checkout page.
  5. Click Publish -> Publish your website on the Net
  6.  Tick "Regenerate Search Files" and tick "Cleanup unused files on the server"
  7.  Publish

The unused/deleted products and pages should now be removed from your server.

FILE -> Clean up Function

What does File/Cleanup function do?

The cleanup does the following;

  1.  Rebuilds the shop completely.
  2.  Scans all generated files for media links and then removes any unused media files (and puts them in the Backup folder).
  3.  Deletes the Runtime/contents/[lang] folders, this will be rebuilt when you preview or publish after the cleanup has finished.. Also removes any folders that don’t belong to a ShopFactory project inside the Runtime folder. That's probably why you will see a much smaller Runtime folder, until you actually preview again, the [lang] folder will be mostly empty.
  4.  Remove any unused templates from the Templates folder.
  5.  Saves and compacts the database if possible.

Cleanup Unused Files

This function removes any files inside the contents folder of Runtime folder which weren't generated by ShopFactory, e.g. old files that don't belong. When you click on the checkbox it does actually tell you what it does.

Below is the message that comes up:


This action will clean up the 'contents' folder on your server, which has been created by this software.

All files and folders contained in the 'contents' folder which are no longer used by your website will be deleted.

This action will also remove files and folder which you may have published manually with a separate publishing

program into the 'content's folder on your server - unless they are also located in the 'contents' folder of your

project on your local computer.

Do you want to go ahead?