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Enable UPS shipping provider in my shop - Knowledgebase / Shipping and Taxes - ShopFactory Help Center

Enable UPS shipping provider in my shop

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Note: To enable UPS as your shipping provider, you will need to have an account with UPS

Once your UPS account is created, set up your shop:

1. Open your shop in ShopFactory, click -> Central -> Shipping Charges

2. On the Shipping Settings window choose "Use a provider" and Click Next

3. On the next window you will see a list of integrated Shipping providers, choose "Combine Multiple Shipping providers" and click Next. It will be the first option.  This option allows you to use multiple realtime shipping providers such as UPS and FedEx.


4. You will then see the UPS Setup window

On this screen you enter your UPS User ID and Password, Access Key. If you want to offer cheaper rates, you can enable "negotiated rates" and enter your Account Number. Before you can use the Negotiated rates in your shop you will have to contact your UPS account manager and ask him to activate the UPS negotiated rates for your account, otherwise it will not work.


To generate your Access Key if you do not have it already, please follow the steps provided in the FAQ article,

Select the UPS shipping methods you would like to use in your shop and then click Save Settings.

5. You need to make sure all your products have weight defined and that the weight type is as specified in the UPS screen above (i.e. Kg for Australia, Pounds for USA, etc.)

6. To change the weight type, select Settings => Global Settings from the menu toolbar.

7. Click on Settings for this Website => Miscellaneous in the left tree and then at the bottom, choose the appropriate weight type from the list "Specify weight in" -> click OK.

If the incorrect weight type is chosen, for example grams instead of Kgs,   UPS will not work and an error will occur at Checkout