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Enabling "SSL certificate" in your ShopFactory Hosting Account

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Boost sales on your ShopFactory website with https encryption (SSL)

Only applicable if you are hosting your website with ShopFactory.

Google wants website owners to encrypt their websites with https before delivering them to website visitors.

To achieve this they have added SSL as a search engine ranking factor a few years ago. 

Since then a large number of websites have added SSL encryption to ensure not only the safety of their website but to achieve a better website ranking.

You can see this when visiting a website because the URL starts with https and the browsers usually display a secure padlock to show the site is safe to visit.

However SSL has a much bigger role to play when it comes to increasing your sales.

That's because customers feel more secure on a website secured with SSL.

And that security translates into an increased willingness to buy from you.

SSL for ShopFactory stores

If you are using free ShopFactory hosting with a free ShopFactory website address, then you already have https enabled in your store.

However if you use your own domain name when hosting with us, you need this APP to add SSL encryption to your website.

Your own domain name gives you a much more professional Internet presence, and also allows you to switch to a different hosting service, should you want to do so.

SSL security makes you look even better, and has many other advantages for your customers.

  • Customers feel more scure on an encrypted website when buying
  • HTTPS verifies that the website is the one the server it is supposed to be talking to
  • HTTPS prevents tampering by 3rd parties
  • HTTPS stops Man-in-the-middle attacks to make your site more secure for visitors
  • HTTPS encrypts all communication, including URLs

If you have integrated the Santu checkout directly into your wbesite, then using your own SSL certificate is also important if you use your own domain name. This is because customers will not see that your checkout is secure, as they can not see the Santu checkout internet address.

And if they can not see the https, then they don't know that the checkout is secure.

Should you get SSL to boost your search engine ranking?

SSL is one of over 200 ranking factors. How much impact it has on your search engine ranking is not clear.

In fact some studies claim the impact is so small, it can not be detected.

So if you want to make your customers feel secure to boost your sales, get this App.

But if you want to get more traffic to your website with improved search engine rankings, then our SEO APP is a better option.

Enabling "SSL certificate" in your ShopFactory Hosting Account
1. Purchase the SSL certificate via our Apps Service
- Open your shop in ShopFactory 12
- At the left-tree menu, click on ShopFactory Central page
- At the right-most column, click on "App Store" button to connect to the SF Cloud backend interface
- Select "SSL Certificate for ShopFactory Hosting"

- Click on the "Add App" button
- This app will be activated in your ShopFactory account
(Note: If your current ShopFactory plan uses "Pay on Invoice" payment option, you will receive a separate invoice for this. We will then activate the app in your account as soon as payment is received.)

2. As soon as you have placed the App order, contact ShopFactory Support that you have purchased the SSL certificate so we can install it in your SF Hosting account.

Alternatively, you can lodge a Support ticket via ShopFactory interface -> click HELP menu -> Support -> ShopFactory Support -> submit a new ticket.