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How do I add a text link in a page? - Knowledgebase / Pages and Products - ShopFactory Help Center

How do I add a text link in a page?

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- Open shop in SF

- On the left tree, select a page where you want to add link text. ie Home page


- Select Block from left tree and drag it to the content box

- Highlight the text/s where you want to add a link and click the icon Link in toolbar below

  • You will be prompted to link to a page or product in your website (Place in this website) or you can choose the "Internet Address" button at the Select section to link to an existing website address.

  • Click target frame
  • Select from the common targets for the link text link added e.g. New window (if you want to open the linked page in a new window)

  • Click Ok
  • Click Ok
  • Save and preview your shop in external browser to see how it works.