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How do I add options and choices to a product? - Knowledgebase / Pages and Products - ShopFactory Help Center

How do I add options and choices to a product?

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1. Open shop in SF

2. Click page where you want to add product that have options and choices

3. Click “Add Product”

4. Click PROPERTIES button

5. On left tree, click “Options&Choices” 

6. Click Add button (+)

7. Enter the Name for your option/s, select option style and click OK

8. The options dialog box will appear. Fill in all the necessary fields then click “Save and add new” button to add more choices.

***Catalog number must be defined for choices if you are using "Stock Control" function.

***You can also add 'choice image' that are applicable for Gold and Platinum users

- Click -> image icon -> add image 

9. Once you’ve added all your choices click OK

**To add more options, do the procedures from #6 to #9 again.

Once you’ve setup all your options and choices, click OK.

IMPORTANT: You must also enable COMBINE option in each of the choices to your main product.

Combine means the catalog numbers of the Choices for the Option selected will be combined with the catalog number of the product to generate a single order catalog number, such as P1_red_17. In stock control you will then be able to add stock levels for these combined catalog numbers.

This is a great function for example when you use option templates. You can now use the same option template with the same catalog number for example for all shoes for the option Size. When the catalog numbers of the choices are combined with the catalog number of the product, you will have unique catalog numbers without the need to enter catalog numbers again and again for every shoe size available. A simple example: The shoe catalog number is Puma49 . The catalog number of the sizes are 8, 9, 10. In combination your unique catalog numbers will be Puma49-8, Puma49-9 and Puma49-10.