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How do I add products using Import Wizard?

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Note: ShopFactory Pro package includes the basic Import Wizard - note that it can not import 'options and choices' or images. Also, it can only import data from comma delimited data files and text files (CSV, TXT).

ShopFactory Gold and Platinum plans include ImportWizard Pro, where it can import virtually any field supported by ShopFactory from an existing database.

1. Create a shop in ShopFactory and save the project.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the shop you are importing to has been previewed externally before importing products.

2. Close ShopFactory.

3. Prepare your import file - we recommend using CSV file format as this is more flexible than XLS format.

The fields supported in ImpWiz are listed here,

4. Click Windows Start -> Programs -> ShopFactory 14 -> select "Import Wizard" -> Import Wizard.

5. The Import Wizard dialog box shows up. Select the shop you want the products imported.

6. Select the database or file type you are using.

7. Click Next button. 

8. Specify a database source file by clicking ‘Browse’ button and locate where you stored the database. Make sure you have chosen the correct format for your spreadsheet/import file.

9. Click Next button. 

10. Click Next -> Next

11. Tick all the options that apply and enter correct information for each option. You will see a list of the products in the file if you have separate tables in this file you can select one of these from the dropdown list at the top of the window. Click on the Next button and you can select to import a tax with your products. You will need to already have this tax set up in the ShopFactory website that you are importing to. 

12. You will now see the field mapping window. You will be able to map the fields used in the file that you are importing from, to the fields available in ShopFactory. Once you have matched the fields, click Next to go to the import tool window. 

13. Click Next when you have finished. 

14. In this window you can select how to import the products e.g. using a directory structure or importing one single directory. Once you have made your selection click on the add products button and the products will be imported to your ShopFactory website. 1Select the items or entire database that you want to import. 2Then click on the specific page in ShopFactory where you want the product to be added. 3 that, click Add Products button. Note: Tick "Add by Department" if you want the products to be added in appropriate departments - your spreadsheet must have "Department" field.

15. Click Finish. 

16. Open your shop in ShopFactory. You should be able to see all the products you have imported.