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How do I add shipping charges to individual products? - Knowledgebase / Shipping and Taxes - ShopFactory Help Center

How do I add shipping charges to individual products?

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I have some heavy items in my shop which can only be sent by special courier. This method only applies to a small number of products. 

As a merchant you are able to setup shipping charges that are applied to individual products. 

1. Open your shop in ShopFactory

2. Click Central dropdown and select "Shipping charges" option.

3. Select 'Set up my own shipping charges' option.

4. Choose a method from the List or create a new one. As an example, I have setup "NormalPost" shipping method

5. Click on the Add (+) button and the dialog below will appear, enter a shipping method name i.e. Normal Post in the box below and click Ok

6. Tick the box next to the shipping method you just created 

7.  It will show a popup window, choose which regions you want the shipping to apply to and click Ok

8. Then a message will appear, “Will this method be available for all products?” Yes or No

9. Select "Yes"

10. A tick will appear next to Normal Post shipping method so click the Next button

11. On the next screen add the charges that apply to each region for each of the shipping methods you have defined.

***Please note at least one common shipping method needs to be made available to all products. 

Apply additional shipping charges to individual Products

- At the left-tree menu, select the department where the product is contained

- Switch to "Manage Products"

- Select the Product you want to setup individual shipping charges

- Click the 'Edit Product' dropdown button and click on the 'Shipping costs' option.

- You will be shown the list of the shipping methods available with local region and rest of the world columns. Tick the box next to the shipping method to make it available for that product 

- Enter any additional charges for the shipping methods. These will be added on top of the normal shipping charges.

- Click OK

- Save and publish your shop again.