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How do I delete my website content / shop files online? - Knowledgebase / Apps & ShopFactory Cloud - ShopFactory Help Center

How do I delete my website content / shop files online?

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You can delete your website content by using a 3rd Party FTP program. Caution: Please make sure you have an existing copy of your shop in ShopFactory that you can publish/upload at a later time.

How do I use an External FTP program to delete the content of my website?

Do you already have an FTP program (such as SmartFTP, FileZilla, CuteFTP, WSFTP, etc.) installed on your local computer? If not, you can download one and install it in your computer - (SmartFTP (, CuteFTP ( or FileZilla ( and try to connect to your hosting provider's server over FTP and be able to confirm that FTP connection

is working properly at your side and no firewall is blocking you to view your shop files in the server.

When you have setup an FTP application using your hosting details, you can delete the shop files your server's Base directory.

In this instance, I will give you details on how to locate your shop files in your web server using FileZilla.

1. Open FileZilla.

2. Click File -> SiteManager

3. Click 'New FTP Site'

4. Enter correct hosting details: (These are provided by your webhost)


port: 21 or as provided by your webhost

servertype: FTP

logon type: normal



{enter your hosting username and password}

5. Click Save.

6. Click Connect.

7. When you have connected, you can see the two columns - the left one

is your local site (your computer) and the right pane is the Remote

Site (server).

8. At the Remote Site column (right side), open the server Base directory. Double-click the Base directory in the files and

folder section. Your Remote Site should display to the

right: //. That is where your shopfiles are located.

9. Highlight the shopfiles and then press Delete. Wait until it has finished deleting the files on your server.

10. If the files have been successfully deleted on the server, disconnect and close your FTP program.

You can republish your shop using Publish function in ShopFactory