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How do I setup ESD (Electronic Softgoods Delivery)? - Knowledgebase / Apps & ShopFactory Cloud - ShopFactory Help Center

How do I setup ESD (Electronic Softgoods Delivery)?

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There are a number of things to do.

  • Setup a Total Care account
  • Setup Total Care as a payment service in ShopFactory, with your account information
  • Setup the products in ShopFactory that will need electronic download
  • Setup the product in your Total Care account

Now you will need to setup ShopFactory & Total Care 


1. Open ShopFactory

2. Click on the Services Menu -> Enable Electronic Softgoods Delivery should be ticked

3. Add/Create your ESD product with UNIQUE Catalog Number 

In Total Care

**Click MY ORDERS in Shopfactory Central and you will be redirected to Santu interface. Click RETURN TO SHOPFACTORY TOTALCARE link above

This FAQ only shows a simple example with all the default settings 

1. Select Services -> and click ESD button


2. Choose File location and then click Next


3. Click Finish

4. Click Add New product


5. Enter the Product details such as Product Name, Catalog Number (must be the same as in ShopFactory for that Product)

6. Click on Browse to select the file you wish to Upload

7. On the Download access – You can set the number of days that the file can be accessed

8. On the Software unlock keys – You can define if you want to send unlock keys

9. Click -> Next

10. That will now commence uploading your file to the GlobeCharge Server

11. The next step will be to set up the Email message to send when the file download link is sent to the customer (this can be setup in different languages)


12. Click -> Finish to Save it.

13. Repeat Steps 4 to 11 for every product you want to add.