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EN-How do I setup Gift Vouchers? - Knowledgebase / Apps & ShopFactory Cloud - ShopFactory Help Center

EN-How do I setup Gift Vouchers?

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Gift Vouchers will ONLY work using ShopFactory V8.30 Build 10321 or higher

(Current version: ShopFactory V14)

To setup Gift Vouchers in your shop:  

Open shop in ShopFactory

Add your Gift Voucher product to be assigned as your Gift voucher i.e. Gift Voucher $100

You MUST enter a Catalog Number for each Gift Voucher and take note of the Catalog Number, i.e. GV10, GV25, GV100, etc. as you will use this same Catalog Number in the Gift Voucher setup dialog in Total Care interface

Note: You may need to add "Options and choices" for example, "Name of Recipient and Message" –

BUT it is important you create an option with Choice Catalog number as TEXT, see below screenshot:

4. Save and Publish your shop

It would look like this once published online -

With the recent release of ShopFactory Cloud as part of your ShopFactory 14 subscription, you can make your gift cards look even better with your own custom Gift Voucher designs.

To setup Gift Vouchers in the new interface, please refer to the steps below:

1: Open ShopFactory and go to ShopFactory Central

2: Click on the ShopFactory Cloud icon and go to the new ShopFactory Cloud interface.

3: Click on My Products to go to your cloud products

4: Click on the “Add Products” button and select the Product Type gift voucher

5: Set up your Gift card / Voucher and publish it.

Note: If you are selling the Gift Voucher in your ShopFactory store, ensure the Catalog Number / SKU is the same in the Gift Voucher product in your shop for this to work.

Once you have created your gift voucher you can start selling it directly by sharing it as a cloud product in emails, via Tweets, on Facebook or through any other channels. 

Or you can add it to your ShopFactory store by creating a new product in ShopFactory and assigning the same SKU / Catalog number to it.


To setup Gift Vouchers in the old Total Care interface:

- Open shop in ShopFactory -> select ShopFactory Central -> click on My Orders button to connect to the new interface -> click on "Return to Total Care interface" link on the top of the page

- Go to Services -> Vouchers -> select Gift Vouchers -> You need to enter your shop Name and Shop URL

- Select on the available template i.e. template1. Setup each gift voucher you have defined in your shop using the SAME catalog number and enter voucher value.

- Enter Instructions how to redeem the vouchers and your Terms and Conditions

- Enter expiry date - Limited duration

- If you want to use this voucher to be used on multiple orders tick/enable the checkbox below:

- However, if you do not want to, you can leave it unticked and go directly to Finish button

- Go to your online shop and place a test order - purchase Gift voucher and then make sure that the Order is set to "Paid" - you will then receive a separate email containing the Voucher code and other information pertaining to the Gift Voucher i.e. how to use, validity, etc.  

Important Note for manual payment processing: If you manually set the payment to "paid" - you MUST do the following:

- Go to Orders page

- Click on an ORDER NUMBER to view the order details

- Click on the payment status link

- Set order to "Paid" and click Submit button.

You can now also click on "Resend digital product" button on the order details page - to resend the Gift Voucher email to your customer.

This will trigger the Gift voucher email to be sent out. Do not use the multiple orders "Payment status" update function for Gift Voucher purchases.