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How do I setup Shipping based on weight? - Knowledgebase / Shipping and Taxes - ShopFactory Help Center

How do I setup Shipping based on weight?

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If you want to calculate shipping costs based on the weight of products ordered, there are 2 examples on how to set this up:

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

- Click Central -> Shipping Charges

- Select "Enter my own shipping charges"

- You can tick the available shipping methods, i.e. Economy or you can click on the + button to define your own shipping method.

- Once you have selected the shipping method/s you want to use in your shop, click on the NEXT button

- At the "Calculate charges" dropdown menu, select "By weight"

- Apply rates to: From - To Ranges

For this example we will use default weight range of Kg and price in $ dollars

Example 1 From - To Ranges

Local Region: (I only want to ship locally)

- I want to charge $6.50 for orders weighing under 500grams and $10.00 shipping for orders weighing 500grams and less than 5 kgs but

- I also want to charge a Handling fee of $5.00

You set it up like the diagram below:-

2 ranges:

0.000 to 0.500kg

0.500 to 5.000kg


Important: You need to define 'weight' in all products when using "Calculate Shipping Charges by weight"

- Click on the LIST OF CONTENTS to view all products

- Double click on a product

- Enter weight value i.e. 1.250kg


- Click -> Finish 

So now if A customer buys Product  2 which weighs 1.250 kilograms, he will be charged $10.00 for shipping plus $5.00 for handling = $15.00 shipping cost

There will be variations to this example, depending on how you setup tax and so on. But this is correct if shop does not have tax defined - you don't collect tax.

Example 2 - price for each kg

Local Region: (I only want to ship locally)

I want to charge $3.00 per kg for up to 20kgs and I want to charge a $7.00 handling fee.

So I need to set it up as per below screenshot:


Make sure you choose by weight for Calculation Charges and Each kg in Ranges for "Apply Rates to" 

So now if the Customer buys Product 33 from Example 1 above, he will be charged according to price per kg.

The item weighs 1.25 kg  so   1.25 * $3.00 per kg = $3.75  plus Handling fee of $7.00 = Total shipping cost: $ 10.75

For this shipping setup, shipping is calculated on actual weight multiplied by shipping Charge. It is NOT calculated on nearest whole kg weight multiplied by Shipping Charge

You will not get 2kg * $3.00 = $6.00 plus Handling $7.00 (to get this result your items must weight whole kg)