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How to Populate "Shop by Brand" page and how to turn it off? - Knowledgebase / Pages and Products - ShopFactory Help Center

How to Populate "Shop by Brand" page and how to turn it off?

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Shop by Brand is a special page supported in ShopFactory 9/10 Gold product which will allow your customers to shop by manufacturer or by brand.

Please note that your Hosting account must have PHP enabled for this function to work properly.

To populate this page, please follow this procedure:

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

- Add your products, click Properties

- Assign a manufacturer name for each group of product

- Enter name of brand in Brand/Manufacturer field

*** Do this for all other products in your shop.

- Click Ok

- Publish your shop.

NOTE: Your Host/server must support PHP for this feature to work - the brands will be auto-populated once the shop is uploaded online. Local and internal preview will not show the brands as it requires PHP so the shop must be uploaded to the server first.

If you don’t want to use this feature, you can turn it OFF by setting the page to "Invisible".

- Open shop in ShopFactory

- Right click on Shop by Brand department

- Click Page Properties

- Untick the Visible checkbox

- Click OK