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I want to control who becomes a member in my shop, how do I get customer details without signing them up as a member automatically? - Knowledgebase / Apps & ShopFactory Cloud - ShopFactory Help Center

I want to control who becomes a member in my shop, how do I get customer details without signing them up as a member automatically?

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I want to add my shop members manually. I don’t want to show the "Signup" link in the shop for Customer Membership Management service - I need to check who can become members in my shop by getting the customer details first and then manually adding them as members. How can I achieve this?

Assumption: You have already setup Customer Membership management service in your shop. If you haven't done this yet, please refer to our Knowledgebase article about enabling Customer membership service in your shop.

Customer Membership Settings in ShopFactory

1 - Merchant creates a custom "Subscribe now / Become a shop member" form (a Contact Form can be used here).

An example can be found in this page,

2 - Then the merchant can add a new page under "Unlisted Pages" in ShopFactory - the department title can be Member Signup or something similar. On this page, the merchant can copy the "Member signup code" from Total Care/GlobeCharge –

a. Click on MY ORDERS button to connect to the Total Care interface ->  click on the Return to ShopFactory Total Care at the top of the page -> click on SERVICES -> Membership Management -> Member account management setup -> scroll down the page and locate the "Member signup link code" section -> select all (CTRL+A) and then Copy (CTRL+C) the entire html code

b. Go back to ShopFactory editor and at the left tree menu, double-click on the "Member signup" page to open the page properties -> click on the "Custom Contents" tab (top-left) -> click the ADD button and click the EDIT (pencil icon) for the new block -> you can type in a title and paste the code in the correct html box

OR---- you can click inside the DESCRIPTION box and click the <H> button at the formatting toolbar and then paste the code

c. Click OK – now you go back to the page properties, check the page ID i.e. d26.html and take note of the page ID or page filename if you have changed the page filename under SEO details section.

d. Click OK

Save and publish the shop.

Now, open the browser and enter your <shopURL> followed by contents/<lang>/<page ID>

For example,

You can also use the bulk upload function in Customer Membership Management service - prepare a spreadsheet (bulk upload) file with your customer details and then do a FILE -> Save AS -> enter new name -> Save. Now, delete all member entries but make sure the field labels are there. The 2nd bulk upload file will be used everytime there is a new member so you don't re-upload existing ones.