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Import Wizard après importation mes images ne s'affichent pas

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Importing Images into Import Wizard.

You can import two types of images into Import wizard.

1. Images already uploaded on a website (url points to website)

2. Images located on your Computer (url points to the exact location on your computer)

If your images are not importing it is most likely because the path name to your images is incorrect.

For example, for images located on my "my pictures" folder on my computer, I must specify the exact address like below

C:\Documents and Settings\perla.francis\My Documents\My Pictures\roses.png

Rather than

C:\ My Documents\My Pictures\roses.png

For images located on the Internet you must specify the exact location of the image on your server.

For example

is correct for my "larger image"  

rather than

If you want a thumbnail & larger image to appear and you can use the same file name for Product Image & Link – ShopFactory will resize depending on your Settings.  

So, it would look like this in my Import Spread sheet

1. First example for file on my computer

2. Second example for images on my website