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Search function: "error fetching data"

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This error is caused when you turn on PHP Search in your shop but PHP is not installed on your hosting account. PHP needs to be installed on your webserver where your shop is published.

If you believe that PHP is installed on your webserver you need to check the PHP safemode is disabled, otherwise it will not work.

For realtime stock control: you need to check that ...\contents\stkcontrol folder on your server is "writeable".

Your Hosting account must have PHP enabled.

REQUIRED: PHP 5.3 or higher

NOTE: PHP scripts need to be given permission to create and write to directories and create and write to files, generally.

If you can only set the permissions on specific directories - then check with your Host if you have the correct permissions for these directories:

- must be able to create and write to files in <base directory>/contents/<lang>/

- must be able to create directories in <base directory>/contents/phpsearch/

- must be able to create and write to files in /<base directory>/contents/phpsearch/htmlfiles/

- must be able to create and write to files in <base directory>/contents/prpgmap/

If you do not have PHP search on your server you will need to untick "Use PHP Search" checkbox in the Publish SETUP dialog box. 

This will use the javascript search function in your shop instead.

1. Open Shopfactory
2. Click on Publish => Publish your website on the Net
3. Click on the Setup button
4. untick "Use PHP Search" and Click Ok
5. Tick "regenerate Search files" and Click Publish to republish your website without PHP enabled.