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Setting up product review App in ShopFactory

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The ServiceStamped app will allow you to gather product reviews for the products that you have sold and shipped on your website. is an AI-powered eCommerce marketing platform that enables direct-to-consumer brands to accelerate business growth by enhancing user engagement, increasing revenue, and improving customer satisfaction through Reviews & Ratings, Q&A, Visual Marketing, Loyalty Programs & Referrals.


Setup your Stamped Account and activating the app in ShopFactory

Please follow the steps below to create your Stamped account and to set up your ShopFactory to use it properly.

  1. Create your account by clicking here
  2. Select Custom Platform
  3. Enter your Store name and your Store URL
  4. Click Proceed, and in the next screen, click OK

5. Go to Settings at the bottom left of your screen

6. Click on API Keys

7. You will need these details in ShopFactory in step 13 and step 16

8. Create a backup of your shop before you proceed. Instructions on how to create your backup can be found here.

9. Make sure you have installed ShopFactory 14 build 21172 or higher to have access to the functions required for the ServiceStamped App to work in your shop correctly. You can download the latest ShopFactory 14 version here.

10. Open your shop in ShopFactory 14

11. In ShopFactory Central, click on the App Store link in the column on the right-hand side and go to the ServiceStamped app and activate it

12. Next, you go to My Apps at the top of your screen and click Settings for the ServiceStamped app.

Now copy and paste your API Key Public, your API Key Private, and your Store Hash from the settings page of your account (see step 6 above) and click Submit to store the details (For the Store Hash, you will have to click the Show button behind it before you copy it). By entering your information here, the app will send the order details of your orders to Stamped as soon as you set the Shipping status to Shipped in your ShopFactory Cloud account.

14. Now close the pop up in your account to go back to the My Apps Page

15. Go to your shop in ShopFactory, go to ShopFactory Central and click on the Activate Apps button, right below the App Store button

16. In ShopFactory Central, click on My Store, and at the bottom of the menu, you will find the section, click on it, and see a screen where you can enter your API  Public Key, copy and paste this from your Stamped account. ShopFactory will start displaying your review scores and product reviews for your products by entering your API Public Key here. We will only show the rating stars and the total number of reviews on a product overview page. On the detailed view page of the products, we will also show a new tab that will contain the reviews of your product. 

17. Preview your shop in an external browser and place a test order (with two or more products if you want to see how your Stamped App handles orders with multiple products).

18. After placing the order go to that order in your ShopFactory Cloud account and set it to Shipped. This action will send the details to Stamped. Depending on the settings in your stamped account, the product review email will be sent to your customer after X days. (by default, it is set to 14 days). You can change this setting in stamped by going to Settings – Customize – Reviews and then clicking on the Review Request Sequence button

How to use the app?

In the Product Wizard inside your ShopFactory shop, you will find a new tab called App settings.
 On this tab, you can enter your Stamped ReviewID. This ID is a numeric field, see the image below. By default, this field is already filled with the Product ID that ShopFactory assigned to the product when you created it. (This also happens with all products already in your shop)

You can leave this number as it is. But there is something that you can do with this in particular scenarios. Imagine you are selling a group of products that belong together, and you want them to share the reviews you get for them. For example, you sell a product that is available in different weights, for instance, 100 grams, 250 grams, and 1 kilogram, and you have created three products for this in your shop. In that case, you can give each product the same ReviewID to show the reviews for all variations of the product in your shop.

Scripts to tweak the way your ratings are shown on your site

Script 1: Do not show stars when there are no reviews yet
 When you are starting to collect product reviews, your products will not have reviews yet, and you can decide whether you want to show empty stars in your products, like the last three products in the first image below, or to show no stars at all, like in the second image:

  By default, we will display the empty stars, but if you want no stars to be shown, all you have to do is add the script below as Custom website contents to area 1 (See for instructions on how to add a script), please make sure to tick the box “Field contains javascript code”:
 .stamped-main-badge .stamped-badge[data-rating="0"],
 .stamped-main-badge .stamped-badge[data-rating="0,0"],
 .stamped-main-badge .stamped-badge[data-rating="0.0"] {
            visibility: hidden !important;

Script 2 Add - 5,0/5 score to your review display

By default, the reviews will be displayed like this:

If you want them to display like this:

 and also show your actual rating score. All you have to do is add the script below as Custom website contents to area 1 (See for instructions on how to add a script). Please make sure to tick the box “Field contains javascript code”:
 span.stamped-badge-caption[data-reviews][data-label][data-version="2"]:after {content:' - ' attr(data-rating) '/5' !Important;}
 li.check {
 list-style: url(checkmark.png);