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Update payment details | Manage Subscription

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This article will show you how to update your payment details in Account > Account > Manage Subscription.

Your payment details show your nominated payment method for your ShopFactory account, which can be a credit card or a bank account. This payment method is used in the recurring payments for your yearly or monthly invoices, depending on the payment frequency you have opted in.

Or if you want to receive a "Payment Reminder" notification email that your ShopFactory account is due for renewal, you can choose to "Pay on Invoice".

1. Open your shop in ShopFactory

2. At the left tree menu, click "ShopFactory Central" page

3. Click on 'ShopFactory Cloud' button. You will be redirected to the SF Cloud interface.

4. Click Account menu -> Account -> Manage Subscription

5. Click on the Save: Manage subscription button (on top right) to save the changes.

Note: On the bottom page, you can also choose to Close your ShopFactory account subscription. Simply click the "Close account" button and confirm you no longer need the SF Cloud services. Your ShopFactory Cloud subscription will continue to run until the expiry date.

- If you purchased a ShopFactory Lifetime License version, only your "SF Cloud services" will be closed down. You continue to have access to the ShopFactory software without subscribing to the SF Cloud services.

If you experience any issue with updating your details, please give us a call on +61 3 95900654. If you choose to email, please do NOT include your bank account or credit card details. Sending this kind of personal information via email may be unsafe. A member of our Billing Team can arrange to call you to confirm your details over the phone.