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Update product prices

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With the "Edit product prices in a page" function,  you can change multiple products prices and their options at once. When product prices have increased, you can edit the prices in one go.

A: Bulk update product prices in a page

1. Open your shop in ShopFactory

2. Under Navigation 2 -> Right-click on the page i.e. Page 1 at the left-tree menu

3. Choose  Edit Prices of ALL products on this page 

You can then adjust the prices by a percentage and you can also round them to the nearest amount. For example if you wish to increase prices by 5% but you want your prices to round to the nearest 5cents.
Type 5% in Adjust prices by the following amount field, and in "Round prices to nearest" field, enter the value 0.05 to round to the nearest 5 cents.

B: Using Import Wizard add-on

This option only applies to ShopFactory Gold and Platinum plans. If you already have an existing products spreadsheet and its SKU/catalog numbers that match what's in your shop - then you can easily update the prices of your products.

If you don't have a spreadsheet of your products yet, you can use the Marketeer add-on to export all your products in a CSV file format.  Refer to the article below,

- Once you have your CSV file of all products, edit your spreadsheet in MS Excel

(Ensure sku/catalog number column has the same values in your shop)

- Update the Product PRICE column 

- Use Import Wizard by mapping these 3 fields: Product Name, SKU (catalog number), and Product Price only. Import Wizard will update the existing products (by matching the SKU/catalog number) and update the product prices accordingly.