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Using "Search Filters" feature in ShopFactory - Knowledgebase / Apps & ShopFactory Cloud - ShopFactory Help Center

Using "Search Filters" feature in ShopFactory

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ShopFactory Search Filters

Requires ShopFactory V14 or higher (ShopFactory V14 is the current release.)


Now you can add Search Filters to your online store, so your customers can find your products more quickly, and to give them more options to locate the products they want.
Visitors can filter your products by price, Special offers, Brands, Specifications, and Options and choices.
Add hidden keywords to your products, so products that do not include these terms in their descriptions can also be found.
Making your products more accessible will help you sell more.

Your Hosting account must have PHP enabled.

REQUIRED: PHP 5.3 or higher

NOTE: PHP scripts need to be given permission to create and write to directories and create and write to files.

If you can only set the permissions on specific directories - then check with your Host if you have the correct permissions for these directories:

- must be able to create and write to files in <base directory>/contents/<lang>/

- must be able to create directories in <base directory>/contents/phpsearch/

- must be able to create and write to files in /<base directory>/contents/phpsearch/htmlfiles/

- must be able to create and write to files in <base directory>/contents/prpgmap/


Enabling "Search Filters" app in ShopFactory

1. Purchase the app

App services are only available in the latest ShopFactory version.

- Open your shop in ShopFactory 14

- At the left-tree menu, click on ShopFactory Central page

- At the right-most column, click on "App Store" button to connect to the SF Cloud backend interface

- Select "ShopFactory Search Filters"

- Click on the "Add App" button

- This app will be activated in your ShopFactory account

(Note:If your current ShopFactory Total Care plan uses "Pay on Invoice" payment option, you will receive a separate invoice for this. We will then activate the app in your account as soon as payment is received.)

- Go back to the ShopFactory interface -> select ShopFactory Central page -> click on "Activate Apps" button


2. To enable Search Filters app in your shop

- Go to ShopFactory Central -> My Store

- Click 'Search / Page Filters' option at the left menu

- Tick the checkboxes for the departments (pages) that you want Filters to be enabled

- Select the Display Styles

<Two LD tags can be changed here. "Close Shop by Category by default" is only applicable for themes with a left sidebar.>

- Click "Finish" button

- Save and preview your shop in external browser

- Go back to Normal mode, Publish -> Publish your website on the Net -> tick "Publish all" for this session -> Publish

- Navigate to a department with Filters enabled to see the "Search Filters" function in action

When a filter type i.e. Options and Choices is enabled, all the departments that have filters enabled will show the active filter type (such as Options and choices). In other words, the filter type enabled setting is universal for all filtered departments.

When a filter type is enabled, a filtered department will have the filter choices specific to the products in the department. In other words, the Options and Choices displayed in Department1 will be that of the products in Department1. The Options and Choices displayed in Department2 will be that of the products in Department2.