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May 11 2022

Current ShopFactory V14 Release

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ShopFactory V14.6.0 Build:22130

(Release Date: 12-05-2022)

Click here to download the latest SF14 build

This latest build improves/fixes the following:

SF-2980: Fix issue with old detailed product pages not being deleted when no longer required. 

SF-2981: Fix individual product shipping cost not saving 4-digit price.

DES-621: Fix content block #79 (ID: k06) display in mobile mode

- Fix for SFX-FAS-GLA_col-js template where, content block added in footer section disappears in browser preview and on publishing. Page becomes very long with no content below products.

DES-652: SFX-BLOG-BASE productloop style has Related products in wrong location.

Update Firewall FAQ link.

  1. Download and install the latest release: ShopFactory V14

  2. Open your shop in ShopFactory.

  3. Optional: Enable 'Rebuild all' from 'Settings' menu then click on 'Preview' -> Preview in external browser. Go back to the ShopFactory editor and untick 'Rebuild all' from the Settings menu 

  4. Save and preview your shop in external browser. Place a test order to ensure secure checkout works.

  5. Publish your shop again.

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