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EN-Adding live chat widget to my shop

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You can embed any third-party live chat widget in your shop. As an example, we have detailed the instructions for Zopim live chat service into your ShopFactory store. It uses an embedded widget on your webpage that you control from your Zopim Dashboard. Please see the Zopim site for more information on their product and sign up for an account. These instructions will walk you through the set up process for getting the widget onto your site.

Part I. Locating the Chat Widget on Zopim

1. Log in to your Zopim dashboard

2. Click on Widget under Settings in the left-hand navigation panel.  You will see a text box with your code in it. 

If you want to change the appearance of the chatbox or limit countries chat is available in, use the Appearance, Settings, and Widget Security buttons along the top of the page. You will want to do this before copying the code. 

3. Copy the code under Embed the New Chat Widget

Part II. Adding the chat widget to ShopFactory 

The Chat Widget must be copied and inserted into your website's HTML source code between the HEAD tags. 

Add the live chat script in your shop following the steps in our KB article,

In ShopFactory, Google Analytics dialog box uses the <head> element so this is where you need to add the favicon link tag. 

Note: You can add any custom html in this GA code window, where, the custom html code must be added within the <head> section for all pages. (This window is not solely for Google Analytics code.) You can add any html code that needs to be added within <HEAD> section. 

  • Open your shop in ShopFactory
  • At the left tree menu, click on ShopFactory Central page (if you’re not already there)
  • Click on "Search Engine Optimization (SEO)" button
  • At the popup window, select Website Analytics -> and click inside the "Google Analytics code" box
  • Paste the chat widget in the Google Analytics box

Note: If you have an existing Google Analytics code in there, make sure you add the chat widget below the existing html code to ensure you don't break the existing Google Analytics code in there.