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Changing Currency Code for a specific country in ShopFactory - Base de conocimiento / Configuración global / Diversos - ShopFactory Help Center

Changing Currency Code for a specific country in ShopFactory

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If the official currency code in your country has changed, contact ShopFactory Support to have it changed in a future software release.

To change it immediately in your shop, follow the steps below:

An example used in this article is NKr currency code to NOK.

1. Open Windows File Explorer.

- You can do this by pressing Win+E on your keyboard to launch File Explorer immediately.

- Or you can use Windows Search

On the Windows Start screen type the words "file explorer" and, when the search results are displayed, press Enter on your keyboard or click or tap the File Explorer result.

2. At the "Address: " bar, enter:

C:\Program Files (x86)\ShopFactory V14\ShopFactory

3. Press Enter Key on your keyboard.

4. Locate the file called "Currency.xml" file.

5. Right-click on the Currency.xml file and from the shortcut menu, select 'Edit'.

6. The Currency.xml file will open in Notepad as plain text.

7. Click inside the text area in Notepad and then press CTRL+Home simultaneously so you are able to start from the top-most part of the text.

- Click 'Edit' menu » select 'Replace'

As an example, we are changing NKr to NOK.

- You will see the 'Find and Replace' dialog box, type NKr in the Find what: box

- Type NOK within the Replace with: box.

- Click 'Find Next' button and it will highlight NKr.

- Click 'Replace' button to replace it.

- Continue clicking 'Find Next' button and 'Replace' (you will do this approximately 14 times)

- Click Save

8. Open your shop in ShopFactory.

9. Enable 'Rebuild All' by selecting Settings menu

10. Save and Preview your shop in Chrome or MS Edge external browser.

11. Publish your shop again.