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Difference between Social Media Links and Follow us/Like Us Links - How to add them in ShopFactory? - Base de conocimiento / Aspecto y personalización - ShopFactory Help Center

Difference between Social Media Links and Follow us/Like Us Links - How to add them in ShopFactory?

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Social Media Links are links to various social media networking websites to allow your visitors to share about your shop in their social media networking accounts. The button for Social Media Links is currently supported in ShopFactory. This can be done via Properties -> Edit Website HTML. Once the website is published, the social media links appear on the site. When someone clicks on any of the links, for example the Facebook Like link - this will actually asks the customer to login to their FB account and then it will appear on the "RECENT ACTIVITY" on their FB wall:<Name>likes<shop name>i.e. Vanessa Whitaker likes MyShop101

where, MyShop101is linked to the actual website address (

On the other hand, the Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook is a link to allow your visitors to follow you on Twitter or to like your Page on Facebook. When the customer clicks on the link, they get redirected to your Facebook page and customers can click on Like button to subscribe to your Facebook page or click on Follow us button on Twitter to start following your tweets.

To add Follow or Like button in your shop, you need to get the code Facebook and Twitter. Then you can insert this code in ShopFactory via Add HTML code feature. You can insert the codes globally via Properties -> Edit Website HTML -> click on the + (add) button -> enter the html name, i.e. Follow on twitter then insert the code in the html window. Or you can insert it within a page by opening the page properties -> Add HTML Code.

To generate Facebook Like/Share button, please refer to this link:

- Go to

- Login to your Facebook account and then click inside the "URL to Like" and enter your own Facebook URL (you need to replace the URL with your own Facebook address - see sample screenshot:

- Copy the entire code:

- And paste it in the "Add HTML Code" dialog inside ShopFactory(see below steps)

Inserting my own Facebook page “Like/Share” button in ShopFactory

If you have setup their own Facebook page and wanted to insert the FB Like/Join us button inside their SF shop, these are the steps you need to do to add the Facebook Like button in the shop.

-  Open your shop in ShopFactory

-  Click on Properties->Edit Website HTML

- Click the + (plus) button to add a new code

- Enter an identification name and then copy the code below and paste it into the “Enter the code” window.

- Set Location: 4 (if you want the FB Join Us button under the Index 2 navigation menu) - the dialog shows where the button will appear in the site.

- Click OK.

COPY the code provided by Facebook or Twitter and PASTE it into the “Enter the code” window:

- Click OK

- Save and Preview your shop in External Browser.

- Publish your shop again to upload the changes online

Other sources for getting Facebook and Twitter social media badges:

Here are some links where you get Twitter Badges or Buttons.