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How can I set up shipping costs by regions ( different states in one country)? - Base de conocimiento / Envio, Taxas (VAT) - ShopFactory Help Center

How can I set up shipping costs by regions ( different states in one country)?

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The information provided below shows how to add "Shipping methods" as individual state/region.

1. Open your shop in ShopFactory -> click on Central dropdown button -> Shipping Charges

2. Choose "Enter my own shipping Charges" and select the shipping method this pricing will apply to.

3. Click on the Add (+) option to add new shipping methods


***You will need to repeat this steps for each method (state/region) you want to define.

In this example, I used Australia and defined different shipping charges for each state that I ship to.

There are 7 states in Australia, so I  added 7 shipping methods

In my example, Victoria is the State (where shop is located and what's defined as state in Merchant Contact Details)

4.    Click Add (+) button.


In the popup window that shows up add the first method. As an example, I added "Queensland", then click Ok

5.This will add Queensland as a shipping method, click the box next to it to edit the details (region where this method applies)

6. On the screen below, untick "Rest of the world" because this method only applies to Queensland, then click on Local Region (row highlighted) and click on the Edit button (or you can double-click on the shipping method name to edit).


7. The following window will display allowing you to edit the region list so that it only includes Queensland


Add name of Region to something that describes the Region (i.e. Queensland Local) -> Click on the "Remove all" button to remove the local region from the selected list (i.e. Victoria in this case) and then in the available list (left column) click on Queensland under Australia and then click the>button to add it to the "Selected List".

A warning will appear


Click yes and then Click Ok tor eturn to window in step 6. This time you will seeQueensland(or the name you used to define region) under Local Region.

8. Click Ok to accept the changes.

9. A warning will appear "Will this method apply for all products?" Yes or No =>  choose Yes here

10. Now you need to repeat steps 4 – 9 for each "Region" you want to add. You can choose multiple shipping types for each region. For example, Victoria Normal Mail and Victoria Express Mail (each service can be setup with different charges)

11. Once you have finished defining all your shipping methods - all the regions appear in the Shipping methods list (example shown below), then click the Next button to add charges to each method


12. Now on this screen you an add your charges to each method 


a) Click on the first region, i.e. Local Region Victoria, so the row is highlighted.

b) Then make a selection from Calculate charges

c) Next make a selection from Apply Rates to (From - To Ranges)

d) Then click the Add (+) button to add a row to the Shipping charges table (repeat this step for each range).

***Repeat all the above steps for each region

When you have finished click Finish to Save the  shipping settings. Save and publish your shop.

13.Place a test order. At checkout you will see something like the following.