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How do I publish my shop from 2 or more computers? - Base de conocimiento / Publicación de un sitio - ShopFactory Help Center

How do I publish my shop from 2 or more computers?

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The easiest way to use 2 computers for the same shop is to install the ShopFactory program on both computers and use a third-party software program to upload the shop files.

· Use a USB Flash drive to save your shop files to.

· Use the USB flash drive on 2 or more computers to open your shop with.

· Verify the drive location for your flash drive on each computer

For example, on one computer the Flash drive could be called R:   and when you take your USB flash drive to the other computer it could be called T:

Make sure you keep your SAVE to files and your Publish files in separate folders.

This would make it easier to just publish the files without even having to open the SF program on your second computer.

Example: your shop is called: Toys and more

Folder 1: Save Toys and more (Contains the .sfc file, .mdb file and other relevant files/folders)

Folder 2: Publish Toys and more (Note: You cannot rebuild your shop from these files—only upload)

Now you should have 2 folders on your USB drive--- one for opening and saving the files to (this is the heart of ShopFactory — contains the .sfc file, .mdb file, etc.) and the other folder is only used for publishing purposes - this only contains the 'runtime" folder.

The .sfc file is the most important because you need that file to build your shop-files with.

-- -- You can use a third-party upload program to upload the shop files. 

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