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How do I publish the shop using my hosting details? - Base de conocimiento / Publicación de un sitio - ShopFactory Help Center

How do I publish the shop using my hosting details?

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What do I need to enter at the Publish Setup dialog in ShopFactory so I can upload my shop-files online?

i.e. My Host has different settings, for example, my website is hosted by

1. Open your shop in ShopFactory.

2. Click 'Publish' -> select "Publish your website on the Net"

3. Click Setup button 

4. At the Setup dialog box, enter your valid Hosting details.

For example,

Remote Host:

Username: myusername

Password: xxxxxxxxx

Base Directory: / 

Type/and if you do not know the name ofthe directory where your shop files are uploaded, you can click the "Browse"button and locate the correct directory/folder.

Publish URL: 

Note: Please also verify with your Hosting Provider if they support FTPeS or sFTP (secure connection). Otherwise, choose "Use Plain FTP" option in the ENCRYPTION field. You won't be able to connect to your Host if you select the wrong encryption setting.

"Remote Host:"field is the name of your server or website, such as in ShopFactory, you doNOTuse http:// or ftp:// at the beginning. Server settings vary; some useftpwhile others usewwwand others even use IP address. See some examples below:

Ex. 1- Remote Host:

Ex. 2- Remote Host:

Ex. 3- Remote Host: 

Ex. 4 - Remote Host:

5. Click OK button

"Regenerate search files" checkbox must be ticked to ensure the pages and products can be located/searched especially if you have moved products to a different page. 

6. Click Publish button. Wait until your shop files are completely uploaded and then check your website using your default browser.

That’s all there is to it. Related article: