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How to enable Specials page in ShopFactory

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The Specials page is now available in ShopFactory V9 Gold and later upgrades, i.e. V10. If you have setup product specials, it will be listed on this page. The content of this page will only appear once your shop is published online.

IMPORTANT: You need to enable your PHP search and your server must support PHP to use this. Please contact your Hosting provider and verify that PHP is enabeld in your hosting account.

Please follow this procedure to enable Specials page in your shop:

1. Open your shop in ShopFactory

2. In your shop, setup product discount to some of your products (Right click on the product or double click on the product then click Properties , select DISCOUNTS from the left menu to setup your product discount)

3. Once you have enabled Product discount to some of your products, right click on the Specials page

4. Select Page Properties and tick "Visible" checkbox

5. Select the layout of the page

6. Click Publish -> Publish on the Net

7. Click Setup

8. Enter your hosting details and make sure to tick "Use PHP Search"

9. Click OK and publish the shop