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How to set up and use the Webhooks app

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How about an easy way to get extra work done in your business without having to hire extra people?

With the ShopFactory 14 Webhooks App you will be able to automate lots of recurring tasks in your business by tightly connecting your online shop with the various online business tools and services you use.

For example, you could now send order details to the accounting software, shipping provider, website review provider, and any other system/tool of your choice. This will allow you to fully automate your order processing and services provided to your customers.
This will help you to provide better service to your customers and at the same time saves you a lot of time and money.
The webhooks is a separate app that you can get from our appstore for all rental plan versions. It is included for free as part of the ShopFactory Platinum subscription plan.

Watch the video below that shows how the webhooks app works and we will even show you an example of how to setup your first webhook application...

Let us know how we can help you automate your processes, drop us an email at: