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How to setup Doofinder search app

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Doofinder Search app

A powerful, quick and intuitive search engine that will help you to improve your online store's sales.

You lose lots of sales because your users cannot find what they are looking for, even though it is there. Doofinder will show relevant results with a few keystrokes, as well as this, it will learn from your user's searches and improve the buying process.

Just click here to sign up for a free Doofinder account and then activate the Doofinder app.

1. In ShopFactory Central, click the App Store button / Complete a purchase of the Doofinder app / Click the Activate Apps button in ShopFactory Central.

2. Sign up for a Doofinder account at Set up your Profile. Click Save.

3. Create a Search Engine in Doofinder.

  a. Go to Search Engines. Click New Search Engine.

  b. Fill in the Site Information forms with the appropriate information.

  c. For the Data Source, click “Skip, I’ll do it later”.

  d. For “Get the Script”, click “Skip this step and finish”.

  e. In the next step you will also need your Zone. Go to "Other Integrations"/IFrame. Get the zone from there as highlighted in the image below. It should be us1 or eu1.

4. As copied to the clipboard into the box provided. Type in the letters and number before the “-“ from the IFrame, into the Zone box provided.

5. Publish shop, with the “Regenerate search files” checkbox ticked.

6. In Doofinder, click Configuration.

7. Enter the address of the search-doofinder.csv file into the box provided. For example, if your shop address is, the address of the data source will be
Click Save Changes button.
Click Process Now to update your Doofinder search file.

8. Your shop should now have Doofinder search integrated. Navigate to your shop in a browser and try searching.

9. (Optional) If you want selectable filters displayed with the search results, you will need to set up Facets in Doofinder. For example:


10. If you have added new products and/or edited your existing products, you will need to reprocess your Doofinder search file (csv) to ensure the search file is up to date. (In ShopFactory, your shop must've also been published with "Regenerate Search Files" option ticked.

- Go to "Data Sources" and click on "Process Now".


 Here's an example of Doofinder search results page