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I get "Please wait while loading..." in my shop, either for "Larger Image" or "Add to Basket" - Base de conocimiento / Controle de las existencias - ShopFactory Help Center

I get "Please wait while loading..." in my shop, either for "Larger Image" or "Add to Basket"

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If you are using Stock Control in your shop you need to ensure it is setup correctly.

If your product has options and contain catalog numbers which are not UNIQUE it causes a clash with images or Add to Basket so it does not load correctly.

To resolve your issue, you have to set your catalog numbers as UNIQUE for each product (as well as those products with options) and setup 'stock levels' for products especially for those with options.

1. Please set different catalog numbers for your products and those with options.

2. After you have set unique catalog numbers, please also ensure that you have enabled stock control in those products.

a) Double-click on the product so that the Product Wizard appears.
b) Make sure the Product has a unique Catalog Number entered

c) Click -> Properties
d) You will see a list of Advanced functions on the left, choose 'Available Stock'
e) The Product windows appears - "Product 1" displays
f) Repeat for each Product and option listed in the window

  • Double-click on product / option name
  • The Edit Stock Window will display


  • Enter Stock amount and Click Ok

3. Repeat Step 2 for all the Products in your Shop

4. Save your shop, Turn Rebuild All on and Preview your shop