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Problems with Publishing inside ShopFactory

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Refer to the information below when you are experiencing problems with publishing to your hosting server and ShopFactory cannot connect to your server or if you receive a message like “...ensure you have the correct privileges with your hosting”... 

A) Try disabling your Firewall to ensure the (internal publish) connection is not being blocked by your security settings

Your Windows Realtime virus checker could be slowing down the queuing/hashing process during publishing of shop and search files.

Try turning off the virus checker based on the steps provided here,


B) Try ticking/unticking "Passive" from the Publish SETUP dialog box

See related KB article,

C) Increase the Timeout value to 180 for example - see KB article,

D) Publish with “Disable Turbo Publishing” enabled as your server may NOT support PHP - see  related article,

If none of that works then try the following:

E) Review your hosting details - check the FTP server address you have entered in the Remote Host field and Base Directory field as it may have the wrong document directory- instead of typing to connect to the hosting server try typing If that does not work try entering the actual IP address.Even though some hosting companies allow the routing to be used for publishing, when used in the Publish window of ShopFactory it sometimes results in errors, depending on how your hosting provider has setup your hosting space.F) 

Base Directory varies in different servers, common examples are: /www/ or /public_html/ 

F) It may also be a good idea to add ShopFactory exe in your Exceptions list - you can google "add Antivirus exceptions (exclusions) in <your antivirus program>"

If you are using BitDefender, you can follow the steps here:

- Add SFEditorU.exe program in your antivirus Exceptions list

The SFEditorU.exe file is in

C:\Program Files (x86)\ShopFactory V14\ShopFactory

G) Try connecting to your Host using an external FTP client such as Filezilla or cuteFTP to verify the hosting details are correct.