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Recommended products ("Customers who bought this product also bought")

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Get more sales by recommending relevant products

ShopFactory supports "Recommended Products" feature also known as "Customers who bought this product, also bought this..." widget that shows other items bought together with a specific product.

You can only use this feature if you are publishing to a hosting account with PHP enabled.

- The recommended products are only displayed on a detailed product page, in a similar styling to the Cross Promotion (Related Products).


- The feature is enabled by default. It can be disabled by unticking the "Customer who bought this item, also bought..." checkbox in Global Settings.

- Enabling the "Allow buying related products" setting in Global Settings will show the "Add to Basket" button, like it does for Cross Promotion. The add to basket button will only be shown if there are no Options and Choices for that product.

- Click Settings menu -> Global Settings -> Settings for this Website -> Miscellaneous

- Tick "Customers who bought this item also bought" checkbox and allow buying related products.

 - Click OK

- Save and publish your shop.


- If the feature is enabled, a dummy item will be shown in Normal view and Preview because it requires PHP. Once the shop is published to a Host that supports PHP, it will populate the products that were bought / added to cart from previous orders.

- Must publish to a PHP-enabled host for the feature to work.

- The database of relationships is be updated at the point where the customer goes from the basket page to the secure Checkout billing and shipping details pages. Place some test orders a few times with different products to build up the database.

- Next time the detailed product pages of products that were bought will show the related products.

- Up to 5 "Customer who bought this item also bought" products will be shown.

- Recommended products can be purchased directly if the "Add to Basket" button is shown on the detailed product page.