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Santu Express Checkout and Order Tracking service

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Santu Express Checkout feature is now available as announced in our newsletter. This facility allows your customers to signup for their own Express Checkout account in your shop so they can: have login details to track their orders, view shipping/payment status on their orders and use Express Checkout for products they previously purchased - with less checkout steps required!

NOTE: Free SSL or free Total Care accounts will not have the "Santu Express Checkout" functionality. Only SF Cloud subscribers (paid accounts) will have the "Santu Express Checkout" feature including "Order tracking" service.

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

- At the ShopFactory Central page, click on MY ORDERS button to connect to the SF Cloud interface

Now, click on the "Return to ShopFactory Total Care" link


- And then scroll down the "Settings" section


There are 4 cases where a merchant can set this up –

CASE A. ENABLED BOTH “Express checkout (includes order tracking and customizable checkout)” and “Allow customers to track order

- This will enable “Santu Express Checkout” signup and login facility at the Checkout pages

- Customers will receive Order Confirmation email with “Track Order Status” button

- Customers can click on “Track order status” link and be able to view order details via iSantu interface

- If a merchant updates the "Payment Status" and "shipping status" for a specific trackable order, the customer will receive another email "<shop name>: The status of Order# has changed." The customer clicks on "Track Order status" link to see the payment and shipping comments including the Parcel Number and Tracking URL if merchants have shipped the order via a shipping provider.

- If a customer enters "Password" for the first time during Checkout, this will create a Santu Express account and they will receive an email “Your Santu Express Registration” email

- A registered Santu Express user can login and view all their orders via

- If the buyer didn't enter an iSantu account password during checkout, they can track the order and have the ability to signup for a Santu Express account if they want to view the order details -

a. Buyer places an order from your website
b. Merchant receives the order and updates the payment status and shipping status in the Order details page
c. An email is sent out to the customer with Subject - <shop name>: The status of your order #xxx has changed
d. Buyer clicks on the "Track order status" button
e. Buyer is redirected to the interface
f. Buyer clicks on the "Order details" button or "My Purchases" button to see previous orders


CASE B. Enabled “Express checkout (includes order tracking and customizeable checkout)” but disabled “Allow customers to track order

- Santu Express Checkout is available on the Checkout pages so customers with Santu Express account can login and complete checkout easily


- However, the Order Confirmation email the customer receives will NOT have “Track Order Status” link

- The orders can still be viewed via but the order updates for this setting, the order and payment status are NOT updated in “Your Purchases” orders list.


CASE C. Disabled "Express checkout" BUT enabled "Allow customers to track order"

- The orders can be tracked by customers using the traditional way, where, customer receives the Order Confirmation email with "Track Order Status" link

- The default browser opens up your online shop and a popup window appears with their order details.

(Note: The customer will not receive a notification email when a payment status and/or shipping status were changed.) The customer will really need to click on the "Track Order Status" link to see if order has been shipped or not.


CASE D. DISABLED BOTH “Express checkout (includes order tracking and customizable checkout)” and “Allow customers to track order”

Santu Express checkout is disabled at the checkout pages and customers cannot track their orders – order confirmation email will NOT have the “Track order status” link.