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Setting up SagePay VSP (formerly Protx) payment in my shop - Base de conocimiento / Parámetros de pagamiento - ShopFactory Help Center

Setting up SagePay VSP (formerly Protx) payment in my shop

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SagePay VSP (formerly Protx) is a payment gateway available to UK business customers

Merchant Account: You have to open your own merchant credit account

In the UK 

Once set up, SagePay will supply you with your Merchant Number and Company Number. Go to and signup with them using the above details. They will then send you an email “Test Account ready for Vendor” - follow all these instructions to setup SagePay VSP (formerly Protx) .

- Open your shop in ShopFactory

-  Click on Central-> Payment Methods Accepted

- The payment providers list shows up, enable the payment you want by ticking it in this case, tick "SagePay VSP" option.

- Click Next

- Enter your SagePay VSP merchant account details (i.e. Username, currencies supported, etc.)

Note: The default SagePay integration is using V2.23. If your merchant account is using the latest V3.00, you need to tick the V3.00 checkbox in the setup dialog to ensure it points to the correct payment processing server. For existing merchants who wanted to use the latest V3.00 API, please contact SagePay first so they can update your merchant account i.e. they may need to change your 'encryption password'.

- Make sure you select the currency that matches ShopFactory, once set it cannot be changed in your Total Care account

- Tick the card types under SagePay VSP supported Payment Methods that you want to enable in your shop.

NOTE: If you have a new account, you must perform test transactions, to do this you enter TEST in front of your username. When ready notify SagePay and when they set your account to "LIVE" you must remove TEST in front of your username. TEST takes you to the SagePay TEST ENVIRONMENT.

- Click Next

(Note: You can sort the payment methods display by pressing the up/down arrow)

- Click Finish

- Save and preview your shop. Place a test order.

- Republish your shop so that the changes are uploaded online.

Your shop can now accept online orders.

Setting up SagePay VSP (formerly Protx) payment type: DEFERRED or AUTHENTICATE payment in my shop

SagePay (Protx) Payment types - Deferred Payment and Authenticate 

As of 1 August 2007, Pre-Auth payment type will not longer be available for SagePay (formerly Protx), for more information go to 

There are two alternative payment types available to merchants to replace Pre-Auth:

Deferred Payment or Authenticate and Authorise. Both of these systems allow you to accept an order, but not take payment until you are ready to ship the goods. Both of these systems provide significant benefits over the old system. These payment options are explained in more detail below.

As a rule, if you know the exact value of the transaction at the time of order placement and you are able to settle that payment within 6 days of placing the order, Deferred Payment is the best system for you to use.

If you wish to delay the payment for longer than 6 days or if you do not know the exact price at the time the order is placed, Authenticate and Authorise is the best

In SF to accept Payment Type "AUTHENTICATE"

- use "AUTH" before your SagePay (Protx) Username.  

In SF to accept Payment Type "DEFERRED"

- use "DEFERRED" before your SagePay (Protx) Username 

Finish the setup wizard